Big Sky Community Park

Main Challenge

When the economy crashed in 2007, the Big Sky Community Corporation (BSCC) stood to lose their dream-in-progress: a proposed 36-acre community park with softball fields, playgrounds, a skate park and more…now suddenly underfunded.

 Key Strategy

Trever spearheaded a new concept for the park—one that kept all of the proposed park’s recreational facilities, but slashed the cost by more than half. By relying on a “mountain town” aesthetic that prized trails over concrete, reclaimed structures over brand new buildings, and citizen volunteers over paid labor, Trever dramatically pared down the proposal’s bottom line, without compromising deliverables.

Overall Outcome

Trever’s affordable proposal for the park fit more than just BSCC’s limited funding—the rural design resonated with the local community better, too. Now completed, the expanded 44-acre Big Sky Community Park thoroughly answers the small town’s need for an outdoor neighborhood center, giving residents and visitors a playground, skate park, two softball fields, hiking trails, and climbing boulders, all with attractive, safe facilities.


Trever launched his vision for the park as the volunteer Park Construction Team Chair for the Big Sky Community Corporation, and continued to donate much of his time even after his (now former) employer, Morrison Maierle, was hired to direct construction. Morrison-Maierle served as the project engineer for the park, while Langlas Construction acted as construction contractor and donated time and materials to the cause. Trever managed the project and construction, both as an employee of Morrison Maierle and as a BSCC volunteer.

"Trever was an invaluable asset in moving our park project forward.  His expertise, tireless work ethic, and capacity to think outside the box gave Big Sky the fully-fledged community resource it had needed for so long, with a price tag our non-profit could actually afford—even in the middle of a recession."

-Jon Ayers

Former Chairman of the Board, BSCC